* premiere   + written for us   ~ adapted for us   % duo or solo

Asher, Leah: Let Me Know What You Find (2017) *+

Balter, Marcos: Vision Mantra (2009) 

Berio, Luciano: Divertimento (1946)

Bird, David: DYN// (2011)*+, Bezier (2013)%

Brown, Eliza: Figure To Ground (2016)

Carlson, Luke: Water Words (2014)*+ (listen/buy)

Chandler, Theophilus: Image: Deposition (2014) *+ (listen/buy)

Chamberlain, Matthew: Photo (2014) +* (watch)(listen/buy), Ein Heldenleben/Readings in Self-Help (2012)+*% (watch) 

Cleare, Ann: Dysmorphia (2008)%

Evans, Fjola: Dogged (2014)%

Futrell, Tyler: String Trio for Bill No. 1 (2002) (listen) (watch)A/B (2016)*+

Frey, Matthew: Pulling Anchor (2013)%

Gubaidulina, Sofia: String Trio (1989)

Heidelberger, Nathan: Occasionally, Music (2013)*%

Holloway-Nahum, Aaron: I Know a Prison of Sunlight (2015)%, It's Important To Be Able To Return (2015)*+ (watch)

Iannotta, Clara: Siciliana (2009), Limun (2011)%

Isaacson, Kurt: as a family of civilian ghosts phase-shifts through the fog lights (2014)*+ (listen) (watch)

Kramer, Peter: Waxen (2014)*+% (watch)Cantus Fractibilis (2013)% (watch) 

Lang, Klaus: Weisse Äpfel (2014)

Nielson, Lewis: String Trio "The Magician" (1981) (listen)

Oliveros, Pauline: 13 Changes: For Malcolm Goldstein (1986)

Ore, Cecilie: Tempura Mutantur: Non Nunquam (1999)

Omiccioli, Nick: Grindcore (2015)

Pamies, Joan Arnau: algorithm routing data according to specific time constraints (or, a statistical study on sociological patterns) (2016)+

Poliks, Marek: droch (2016-17)*+ (listen)

Pratt, Ryan: Spokes-Unspoken (2014)*+ (watch) (listen here and here)

Purcell, Henry: Fantazias a3, Z. 732-734 (ca. 1680)

Ricketts, Matthew: Another Round (2016)*+

Rubin, Scott: Humid Gravity (2015)+ (listen)

Rust, Joel: TRIO TRIO TRIO (2016)

Saariaho, Kaija: Cloud Trio (2009) (watch) (listen)

Sciarrino, Salvatore: Codex Purpureus I (1983) (listen)

Shaw, Caroline: Limestone & Felt (2012)%

Swendsen, Peter: Migration Study (2013)*+ (watch here) (listen here, here, and here), Four Moments Near Water (2015) ~ 

Tacke, Daniel: die Kürze (2013)*+%, symbolum: palilogia [canon a6] (2017)+

Tucker, Colin: Threshold (2016-18)

Warren, Kristina: the chance that time takes (adapted for trio 2017)~+

Weston, Jeff: Ruler Piece No. 3 (2016)

Young, Katherinebow breath crow (2017)

Younge, Bethany: w-a-t-e-r-s-w-a-t-e-r-w-a-t-e-r-s (sinking flowing drifting) (2015) (watch)

Chartreuse PLUS repertoire (Trio with additional instruments):

Bauck, Martin Rane: Zukunft (2012) - string quartet

Bird, David: pluck.divide.cut (2014)~ (watch) - trio + flute, bass clarinet, bassoon

Cleare, Ann: ore (2016) - trio + high reed instrument

Czernowin, Chaya: Anea Crystal; Seed I - string quartet x2

Farshid, Shahriyar: Amorphen IX - string quartet + piano

Futrell, Tyler: Pre-echo (2012) - string quartet

Heidelberger, Nathan: String Quartet (2014-15) - string quartet

Holloway-Nahum, Aaron: The Geometry of Clouds (2014, expanded 2015) (listen) - trio + piano

Kim, Eugene: Melas (2011)*+ (listen) - string quartet

Kotcheff, Thomas: Flintlock (2015)*+ (with Triple Point Trio) (listen) - trio + bass, 2 percussion

Kramer, Peter: On the Unfinished Bridge (2013)*+ (listen) - string quartet; de fortune (2017) - trio + piano

Merivale, Finola: The Language of Mountains is Rain - string quartet

Neuwirth, Olga: In Nacht und Eis - cello + bassoon

O'Brien, Carolyn: Ritornello (watch) - string quartet

O’Halloran, Emma: Dying is a Wild Night - string quartet

O'Leary, Jane: The Passing Sound of Forever - string quartet

Pamies, Joan Arnau: [IVflbclVIvln/c] (2012) (watch) (listen) - violin, cello, bass clarinet, flute

Penderecki, Krzysztof: Clarinet Quartet - trio + clarinet

Preissing, Christopher: Thunder, Perfect Mind; SUS (with NON:op) (watch) (SUS) (promo)

Reich, Steve: Different Trains (1988) - string quartet + tape

Tacke, Daniel: Im Rückblick (2012) - string trio + clarinet;  übermalung von JSB (2012) - viola + clarinet

Young, Katherine: graveled crumbled strewn~ (watch) - trio + bass clarinet, bassoon